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An overview about content delivery network

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An overview about content delivery network

Almost everyone aware with the term CDN or Content delivery network, it is a network that used for improving your static contents delivery among users. Not only that it covers all POP (point of presence) from different location and upload that content in CDN storage that helps in delivering those contents to the users. There are different points that you should know when you are planning on buying your CDN services from any providers. However, there are some fantastic companies who can help you a lot, not only in providing best service but they also help you in understanding about the terms like cdn wiki and factors that is important to understand. Well, before that makes sure you have some knowledge about the topic so you can better understand about the CDN.Related image

When you need to have CDN?

Basically it’s important to have CDN when you have large audience to target from different locations. For example, if your website is hosted in USA and your large traffic is coming from Asia, then you need CDN for delivering large numbers of files and content on time. It work like this, your CDN will cache the POPs for delivering content and files to your audience. So, whatever you want it totally depends on you and whom you are targeting? It is important to know about the specific geographically area where you need CDN so the delivery of contents can be fast.

Why CDN is important and for whom?

Well, the question is little tricky as you know CDN is important but not for everyone If you have small local area to cover then CDN is not for you. It is especially for those who have large audience to target and area to cover. It helps in making your content delivery fast even in high traffic. So make sure you know why and for what you need the services?


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