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Android games came about along with its development with the combination of meticulous graphics and impressive virtual reality. Android games has immersed as it flooded on smart phones with millions of users across the globe that downloaded some of the best and popular android games.

The industry of mobile phones has introduced an important aspect in the market which is the development and release of android games. The android OS is not licensed with any manufacturer of mobile phones that is why the use of apps for android games along with its revenue has been increasing. Android has been a strong contender because of its accessibility and it has pushed some barriers that will continue in the future.

What are android games?

The Google play store is loaded with tons of android games. From simple games like Flappy bird and to a more complex one which is Dead Trigger 2. There are also free android games that you can play comfortably without engaging in too many app purchases.

Best android games can be fun, adventurous and even humorous. Every year, android games have been making it high and are getting better every time.

From the famous Facebook candy crush, Plants vs. Zombies, Temple run, Bubble mania and Angry birds are a few of android games that people would download to lessen their boredom.  People tend to explore more on the android games that would fit their taste.


Checking on android games for kids and its details

Since android has become a popular platform for smart phone and tablet users across the world that includes people of all ages and especially kids. Kids also loves to play games on Android based devices, so there are a number of android games that is suitable and can be a learning block for kids.

Kids connect the dots. This game has been designed for a 4-7 years of age. It helps the kids pronounce the letter and count the numbers while joining the dots. The kids will have to figure out how to connect the dots, outline as an animal or object. When the kid taps on the dot, the numbers and alphabets are pronounced. Once dots are connected, it forms into a colourful picture and comes with 25 puzzles.

Colour and draw for kids. This application enhances the drawing skills of a kid. First option is that the kid can colour drawn pictures already and the second option is that the kid is able to draw his/her own picture and colour it. The interesting feature of this app is that you can import pictures or images from your gallery and can draw on them.

Train conductor 2. This game will help kids make quick decision and understanding logic. The game is about numerous trains coming from different directions and as the player you need to avoid a collision. One interesting feature is the geography of this android game wherein it points to a place where the train is located.

This android game does not only entertain kids but also improve on their intellect. Many android games available at Google play store and with this game you can have an innovative idea on what is an android game.

Benefits of playing android games

Is it beneficial to play mobile games or android games? If you are sceptical about the long-term effects or perhaps spending money to purchase the latest version of an android game.

A couple of studies shows that android games can be beneficial in a manner that is becomes a learning tool and people learn faster while they are having fun.

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