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Evoswtich best server hosting company


Evoswtich best server hosting company

Evoswitch is part of the company ocom group, based in Amsterdam. Amsterdam dedicated server evoswitch is known as Europe’s largest privately owned Internet service providing company. You can secure the services of this company because this company gives you a dedicated and proper service at cheap rate. Evoswitch has developed their data centre as energy efficient data center which have ultra modern technology, due to this there servers are free from any kind of clogging and lagging. If you are looking for an dedicated server you can blindly go for the evoswitch dedicated server.

Why to choose evoswitch?

This company gives a strong value proposition through low energy consumptions. This dedicated server is eco friendly it doesn’t emit any kind of carbon dioxide which is beneficial for the environment. They have good connection with carrier, other centers and internet hubs. It is a well known brand in the business of the dedicated service providing. There dedicated servers are considered as best servers in the world which also come with a cheap rate.Related image

Advantages of choosing Evoswitch servers

  • Reliability

There dedicated server gives you more reliability. In share network you share your IP address with other people but with a dedicated server you don’t need to share your network with other people. You have 100 percent access over your server and you have your own and unique IP address.

  • Advance technical support

When you are investing in dedicated servers of this company you have the advantage to ask for help and support from the experts of Evoswitch. These experts give you a quick a response if any of the problem occur and help you to resolve that problem.

  • Enhance performance and security

If you are choosing a dedicated server of this company, then it gives you a maximum uptime to your website. Dedicated server also enhances the security for sensitive customers and business data of the company. It also gives a security when they are handling the transactions over FTP or SSL. It creates a custom firewall, which can help in imposing the access control policy.

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