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Galaxy S9 has the Best Screen


Galaxy S9 has the Best Screen

Samsung has had absolute mastery of this topic for several years now. And with the S8 and S8 +, they manage to increase this advantage over their competitors. The S8 and S8 + panel is brighter, with more color accuracy, an extremely high resolution, and more. He has broken several records as you can see in the Display mate article – screens specialists – to achieve crowning as the absolute champion. If what they value in a smartphone is the screen, the only real option is the S8 and S8 +. Except for the Galaxy S8/S8+, if the design concept of any phone is again wonderful, then it is of upcoming Galaxy S9. The hearsay suggests that the forthcoming Galaxy S9 with its edge-to-edge display having an aspect ratio 18.5:9 covering 95% Screen to body ratio will rock the next year. It would be blessed with an AMOLED 5.8” screen size.

Something I consider a step back is that now we do not have a phone with a “flat” screen. Yes, I am one of those who appreciate the curvature of the screen; because I love the effect it gives the team. But this comes at a high cost: the inability to be able to adequately protect the screen. Tempered glasses and screen protectors do not work well on the S8 (or the S7 Edge, for that matter), because many times we only have adhesive at the edges, leaving a vacuum of air to the medium that makes the experience considerably worse. If they decide to buy the S8 or S8 +, they will have to resign themselves to using the equipment without a screen protector. So get a case that has some relief at the edges to be able to protect the screen from falls, at least. The upcoming  Samsung Galaxy S9 will terminate all these worries as it is coming out next year with a gracious, protective in nature, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which will be able to make the S9 smartphone waterproof and dustproof and even protect the display from catching scratches if somehow fell on the concrete floor.

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By giving you all the possible front space to the screen, Samsung has been able to emphasize the effect that the screen has. And this combination of such a spectacular AMOLED display, along with such an impeccable design, is the strongest point of the S9, which really separates it from the previous model. Moreover, the device S9 is based on a latest high-powered Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC powered by 7nm FinFET technology.

Solid camera with innovation

Samsung has done virtually nothing with Galaxy S8 rear camera. We have a sensor that is slightly better, but in my tests, the quality of photos and noise reduction in night shots in Galaxy S8 remains almost identical to the S7 Edge. Hope, Samsung with its upcoming typhoon Galaxy S9 would be able to give us highest quality photos with full clarity and detailing with its 16MP+16MP front camera and 31MP Dual-lens front camcorder.

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