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Helping Writers to Get Online Writing Jobs – Contentmart


Helping Writers to Get Online Writing Jobs – Contentmart

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As a freelance writer, you know how competitive the world of content writing can be. It takes time and effort to find clients, and when you do find clients, you may not get the rates you want or you may have to chase a client for the payment. This can take a toll on you and your ability to write. Now, these worries are in the past, as Contentmart offers you access to quality online content writing jobs.

Contentmart: Helping Freelancer Writers Find Writing Opportunities

If you have writing skills and want relatively well-paid content writing jobs, Contentmart is perfect. It is an online marketplace that connects freelancer writers in India with websites, blogs, enterprises and Internet marketers who want high-quality paid content. It helps content writers get access to businesses and ensure they are a perfect match for each other.

There are many benefits of registering on Contentmart as a freelance writer. Some of these include:

Wide Ranging Topics: While every writer has a niche they are comfortable writing about, Contentmart challenges you to explore niches that fall outside the realm of your comfort zone. As a result, you can not only find content writing jobs that you are comfortable, but also those niches and topics that you may not have any knowledge of. A talented content writer usually has the ability to write on any topic and by going beyond your preferred niches, you can develop and grow as a writer.

Attractive Payment: Contentmart offers decent rate to writers, who are sincere, diligent and dedicated. It can supplement your existing income or turn into a lucrative source of income. You are at liberty to apply for as many jobs as you wish, and the moment the client reviews your work, you get paid.

Convenient Payment Procedure: When you accept writing projects at Contentmart, you know exactly how you will be paid per project. You never have to keep tabs or create multiple invoices at the end of the month. Your writer’s account is credited after successful completion of a project and the money reaches your bank account like clockwork each week.  

Easy to Use: Contentmart boasts user-friendly interface to bid and communicate with clients, who have commissioned content writing projects to you. It has a simple and convenient process to bid for projects and uploaded completed tasks. The client is notified when you finish a project so you don’t have to do anything.

Improved Writing Skills: Clients review your work for quality and creativity, and these reviews are extremely useful in helping you improve your writing skills over a period of time. The client rates you, and writers with high scores are more likely to be selected for projects. So, you make a conscientious effort to improve so that you can maintain your high rating.

Contentmart: Making a Difference

Freelancer writers will find Contentmart a fun content marketplace that can help them garner online content writing jobs from India and other parts of the world without too much effort. It takes away the stress of marketing yourself as a writer and as a result, you can focus on your core competency – content creation.


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