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Keep all your documents closer to you with Assai Document Management System


Keep all your documents closer to you with Assai Document Management System

In any kind of business the document management becomes much stressful. If the company is having minimum clients then it might be handy to keep a track f documents. But as soon as the business starts to grow then the documents handling becomes tough. For maintaining the documents many individuals higher different people when this can be done by Assai Document Software System. The Assai إدارة الوثائق Software keeps all the documents at one place which can be utilized from anywhere. Whether the documents are placed in a server or in a cloud you will get all the related documents with just a touch of your finger.

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  • Easy management of different kinds of files: This is the era of computerization and there will be offices which will be handling their own specialties. One thing is for sure that all these documents are to be placed on proper order. The customers will be different there is also a possibility that the documents will be saved in the different format. The Assai Document management Oman accepts any kind of format whether they are pictures, PDF, Microsoft files or any other. This makes this easier to give the response quickly and make the work flow of your business quick.

  • Manage from anywhere: As being a business person there is always a possibility that you can be away from business. The Assets then needs to be approved by you and also you need to be aware of them. Asset Information Management system is there to make things easier for you. Even if your team is all in different places they can also check the Asset document and act upon in. Only by reading the documents one can be assure that they are taking a right decision. As being the in-charge of the work or the owner you can revise the document before it gets approved.

  • Keep the record of all documents: The biggest problem with documents when one has to search through them. With Assai all the documents are saved according to the clients. You can either give the documents a name or they are saved with an automate names according to the document. This helps to make it simpler to search for any kind of particular document whenever there is a need for them.  The documents name can also be changed according to your convenience.

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