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LibertyVPS Review – Bitcoin Payment Accepted Here


LibertyVPS Review – Bitcoin Payment Accepted Here

If your online business is booming and you have just started up then a VPS can be the perfect solution to host your business website. With ever increasing base of users, you never know when your site requires extra bandwidth to handle large audiences. In such cases, if your site is hosted on a VPS server, there is a rare chance that the VPS server will not be able to handle the traffic. A VPS is always scalable, safer, and affordable solution for all the establishing small and medium sized businesses. So if you are on search of an efficient VPS hosting provider then you can’t miss out on LibertyVPS. Explore the details about it in LibertyVPS review below.


What is special about LibertyVPS?

LibertyVPS has revolutionized the way people pay for buying a particular service. Though the payment procedure is similar to that of others, but unlike most of its competitors LibertyVPS has added Bitcoin payments as well. Paying through Bitcoin will ensure that complete anonymity is maintained and none of the user information gets leaked. This digital currency is yet to gain the worldwide acceptance. LibertyVPS believes in freedom of speech and Bitcoin s a nice way to represent its belief to the users. Though few of the services running across the internet have started accepting the payments through this digital currency, but there are many that still don’t believe in anonymous payments.

Why LibertyVPS?

LibertyVPS is can be the perfect solution for just any business. There are a number of reasons to choose LibertyVPS as the web hosting provider. Some of them are as follows.

  • No Overselling: When it comes to LibertyVPS, there is s strict no to overselling. It works to maximize the user profit out of its servers. Overselling of servers will surely deteriorate the quality of services. It may slow down the server speed and lead to downtime. So to optimize the performance of servers, LibertyVPS sacrifices on overselling them unlike its competitors.
  • Speed Optimized Servers: You can expect better performance from the servers when it comes to the speed. The maximum speed you can get on its VPS servers is about 1 Gigabit which is just too much. Moreover, the servers are good enough to handle instant load on bandwidth. You can rely on its servers when it comes to speed.
  • Scalability & Reliability: If you are looking for web hosting, you will surely want the host that is reliable. You can expect 100 percent uptime from LibertyVPS servers. Both the shared as well as VPS offshore servers are fabulous. These servers are scalable too and can handle the instant traffic.
  • Affordable: When it comes to price, LibertyVPS hosting plans will cost much lower than plans from other web hosting providers. The packages are well customized according to the needs of customers keeping affordability in mind.
  • SolusVM Control Panel: The VPS server that you get can be handled well using the SolusVM C-Panel you get with your purchase. SolusVM is one of the best control panels available on the internet and makes it hassle-free for the users to manage the complex tasks in an easier way.
  • Instant Setup:As soon as you make the payments, a VPS server will be set up for you instantly. You will be emailed the root access details once the server is ready for your use.
  • KVM Virtualization: It is one of the best virtualization technologies that can be really useful for the developers who wish to host their website/blog on a VPS. The resources that you have on the VPS servers are solely dedicated to you. Moreover, the VPS space can be utilized efficiently without putting extra burden on external server resources.
  • Offshore VPS: As the servers are hosted in Netherlands, a free speech country, you can expect total privacy. You can host just anything on your server and no one with point a finger on you. Netherlands’ government is least interested in what people are doing on the internet.
  • High Level of Security & Privacy: The servers are well secured against any potential threat that may harm the user data. The company takes the privacy of users on a serious notes and make every effort to ensure that the user privacy in not compromised. This is one of the reasons why LibertyVPS is an offshore web hosting solution for all. Moreover, the O-level security used for data encryption prevents any leakage or data theft.
  • Quality Customer Service: The trained customer service staff plays an important role in keeping the customers intact with LibertyVPS services for long. The customer executives are well trained to handle even the complex queries in minimal time. They are quick to respond and quickest to solve the queries. You cannot find a better customer services than this on the internet. You can choose to contact them via email, phone, or even through the live chat option. They are available 24×7 for you.

Costing& Packages

LibertyVPS provides both shared and VPS offshore hosting to its users. It is up to you which one you choose. Here are the plans and packages for its hosting.

  • Shared Offshore Hosting: The basic plan starts for $4.99/month that lets you host single website. You can go for higher plans according to the requirements.


  • Linux Offshore VPS Hosting: The basic plan starts from $19.99/month where you are given root access of the VPS server. You can extend the plan as per your resource needs.


  • Windows Offshore VPS Hosting: The basic plan starts from $24.99/month where you are given root access of the VPS server. The plan can be extended for a certain price if you need more resources.


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a feasible VPS solution then LibertyVPS’s VPS hosting plans can surely attract your eyes. The best part is that it offers an offshore VPS solution. So, you need not to worry about your privacy. The packages are reasonable and feature-rich. You can’t get a better VPS hosting provider than LibertyVPS on the web.

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