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Resoomer : create a summary from any text!


Resoomer : create a summary from any text!

Resoomer is an online text summarizer that is really incredible. This is some kind of a magical tool that will create in 1-click a summary of any long text as long as the latter is a little bit structured.

Resoomer does a wonderful job with press articles, scientific texts, history texts or with analyses work of art if they are well -structured. No one should be expected to do the impossible because the tool logically doesn’t work with these types of writings: novels, narratives or dialogues. For the other types of writings, magic works best and the results of some of the software testings that I did are impressive.

The use could not be simpler. You just have to copy and paste the text that you want to summarize in the window provided for this purpose on the site homepage. In 1- click, the result is shown in no time. It’s like a sort of an express weight loss diet with your both of your texts on the screen and the famous formula ”before and after”, the original text on the left and the summary on the right. The creators of Resoomer did things the right way and to make your task easier, they also offer you plug-ins for your browser that are very convenient and that are going to let you use Resoomer while you’re browsing the web in one simple click. The tool offers plug-ins for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

The result generated by Resoomer is not a perfect summary. It’s an automatic summary that is going to summarize the text’s main points and ideas. Then you will have to complete it and refine it. But this first automatic analysis will first save you a lot of time. Resoomer reduces the length of a text by an average of two. But the tool does much more. In the results window, you have a small cursor that lets you reduce the text even more. There’s obviously a risk if you go beyond the automatic reduction offered because in the process you could miss an important idea of a text.

Also, in the results window, Resoomer features as well a text analysis button that is going to highlight in yellow the passages of the text and its important ideas.

For example, try the Resoomer software with a long Wikipedia article, you will be surprised by the results. Oh! I almost forgot. Resoomer can be used in many ways and « slims down » texts in French as well as texts in English.

It’s an amazing tool that identifies and summarizes the important ideas of a text and that lets you to go to a text’s main ideas. It’s an excellent tool that is available for everyone. For now, Resoomer is currently free for a use in the education field. It’s free from ads and you don’t have to sign up to be able to use it.

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