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Some Important Facts You Should Know About Long Term Data Archiving


Some Important Facts You Should Know About Long Term Data Archiving

Data archiving is found to be a very challenging task as compared to normal regular backups. There are a few important things that you should know to prevent collecting irreversible or outdated junk.

Medium for storage

This is the first thing that you need to consider when planning to archive your business data. You can choose a durable and high-quality tape for data storage. A good quality tape can retain your data for a minimum of ten years easily. If you want data storage for an unlimited period then optical storage media would be the best choice.

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Storage device

Another thing that you need to consider is that the storage device you choose should stand over a long period. This is very much required because technology changes with a period of time. So, the device you choose should be supported for a long-time period without getting outdated.

Re-visit your old data archives

Both the data archive policies and storage mechanism that is used for archiving data can change with time. This makes it very important for a business to review their old archives once a year periodically. This will assist you in checking if you need anything to get your data migrated from one format to another format that is still compatible with a different storage medium.

Redundancy and inconsistencies

When your business data is all set to be moved to archive files, most of the organizations in such scenario prefer writing it on a tape. This tape is stored in some secure place. The issue that occurs is that the storage medium is most of the times the only copy of your archived data.

This leads to redundancy. You need to consider selective archiving to archive not all data but also selected data that will be useful for the organization for the entire lifespan.


The data archive is the need of every organization. The above considerations will definitely assist you in enhancing the long-term benefit of your data archives.

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