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SyncMate Supports Data Sync Between Mac And Vivo Phones


SyncMate Supports Data Sync Between Mac And Vivo Phones

No matter which model of phone you own from the house of Vivo, opting for an all in one syncing tool like the SyncMate would make the task much easier. Syncing data on your mobile devices can be a tedious job and a time consuming one that makes syncing tools, a total turn off for many. But, SyncMate tends to be much different than the rest, as it can be easily downloaded, has easy to use features and lightning paced syncing style.


Using SyncMate on your Vivo mobile devices

SyncMate is said to be the one stop solution for the different types of syncing needs your devices have, as it can handle all kinds of data like a pro. This tool is a money saver, as you need not invest in extra apps to sync data on different Vivo mobile devices or for syncing a specific data type. They are considered to be the highly popular Syncmate, synchronization tool for Mac and Vivo phones, free of cost. The only requirement that you need to fulfil before using this syncing tool is to check whether the Android backed Vivo phone of yours, has the latest android technology supporting it. Plus, SyncMate can work on every phone model offered by Vivo.

Data syncing by SyncMate on Vivo phones

SyncMate is a perfect choice to synchronize Android Vivo with Mac with 2 or 3 clicks. You can get various type of data synced in just a few minutes’ time, as the SyncMate app is designed and developed to lower your waiting time. The sync can be performed over the following data types:

iCal and address book

Entries made with the calendar and the address book will be duly synced between Mac and Vivo devices while being updated regularly with the changes you make on any one of your devices.

Images, video and music files

With SyncMate Expert, it is very easy to sync all media file types between Vivo mobilephones to Mac and are updated when a new file is deleted or added. It helps in syncing playlists, videos, music and pictures easily.

SMS management

View your text messages and work on it on the Mac directly to make exporting, creating and sending messages in a convenient way.

This sync app is efficient enough to sync even the vital data available on your device in a safe and secure fashion.

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