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Tips To Improve Your Social Media Conversion Rates

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Tips To Improve Your Social Media Conversion Rates

Every day millions of people use social media for various needs and purposes. Some do it for fun and keeping in touch with their loved ones while others do it for growing their small businesses. All of these people can be your customers, if only you know how to convert them. In case you are still struggling to improve your social media conversion rate, then give a try to the below-mentioned tips and get desired results-

Make a Promotion Strategy

Sharing random posts all day long won’t do any good. You have to have a strategy to make social media work for your business. So, sit back and think of a proper plan that can help you convert more and more users into paid customers. Take the help of an expert if you cannot do it on your own, but don’t waste any time doing random promotion.

Use A Tool That Can Track Traffic

What if you could know the number of users visiting your site from different social media sites? Well, normally it is very tough to analyze traffic coming from each social media site but if you use a tool like URL shortener, you can get the real-time data. All you have to do is select the one that comes with many features, can shrink URL and tell you real-time numbers. One such tool is capsulink that is used by many leading brands.

One of the aspects of this URL shortener that keeps brands hooked to it is cost efficiency. Even though it is loaded with world-class features, you don’t have to empty your pockets to use it. Moreover, you can track the exact number of users your site is getting and many other insides. In case you decide to make certain changes in your URL title at a later stage, you can do so without facing any redirection issue.

If you are one of those SEO consultants who wish to generate high ROI from routine SEO activities, then give a try to URL shortener which can make short URL and help you track your customers.

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