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Various types of Web hosting services: Types explained

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Various types of Web hosting services: Types explained

Among various web hosting services, you need to choose for the web hosting services that complement your needs and infrastructure of company. Some other factors that you needed to take care of while opting for web hosting services are like type of business you operate , what are your business needs, what are your preferences  like internet surfing  and real time playing or downloading etc. You also need to find out whether your services or product is demographically distributed, centered to particular location or need to be reach worldwide. Once you figure these factors according to different types of web hosting services, it will be easy and efficient to retrieve your company’s maximized sales and reach.Image result for Various types of Web hosting services: Types explained

Types of web hosting services: Simply explained

    1. Virtual Private Server (VPS):  you can find various kinds of hosting services including VPS on online web hosting providers like The VPS is web hosting server where it is one physical entity but virtually divided into different systems sharing it memory and processing to others.
  • Free hosting: It is simply non- paid web hosting service where you can have a website with any domain name without having any other site name. It helps in earning revenue by advertising or may not use also.
  • Shared hosting:  The shared hosting refers to the hosting server which is shared by multiple websites. Shared hosting is affordable as sharing of servers also allows sharing of cost. Site on the shared hosting is dependent on the other websites on the server.  
  • Cloud based hosting: The web hosting which is cloud based is called cloud based web hosting. It is the recent technology where cloud is introduced as a singular virtual platform or network where from anywhere information can be shared.  Same works here too, this hosting gives a singular platform to connect numerous independent servers to connect to a big cloud web host. It is best when you have larger website traffic.  



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