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Web and Mobile Web Content, In a Nutshell


Web and Mobile Web Content, In a Nutshell

Moving a business online is not all that difficult.  Sure, you need some technical knowledge but there are also lots of websites and software options that can assist you.  Of course, you can always hire a professional—and if you really want to be taken seriously, you want to have a professional-looking website—but you can also sometimes get by with the bare minimum at first.

It can really depend on your company and the products or services you offer.

What may be more important, though, than developing your website (and, possibly your mobile app, as well) is staying on top of Content for your mobile app.  Indeed, content delivery optimization is among the most important things you have to track for your online business.Image result for Web and Mobile Web Content, In a Nutshell

Content Delivery Optimization, in a Nutshell

Basically, Content Delivery Optimization is a method for maximizing the delivery of all content that is related to your business across the whole web. To do this, then, you will have to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which is a proxy of servers set up across many data centers distributed throughout the world.  Each CDN has the specific goal of sending content from a source to all end users at the highest possible expectation of service availability and the highest possible online performance.

Content Delivery Networks, in a Nutshell

Content Delivery Networks, essentially, serve just about all content on the web today, including:

    • mobile and desktop applications like web portals e-commerce functions
    • Downloadable objects like media files, documents, software, etc.
    • on-demand media like Netflix
    • live streaming media like news sources and sporting events
    • social networks like Facebook and SnapChat—and their associated applications
    • web object like graphics, text, and scripts used and/or displayed on a website or a web page

Content Delivery Network Optimization, in a Nutshell

All in all, then, if you have content that you want delivered online to an end user, you will need to find the right content delivery network for your particular business.  Each CDN uses different strategies to find the appropriate end audience and different methods for delivering this content to that audience.

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