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Web design – important part of the SEO


Web design – important part of the SEO

SEO is a very good marketing tool and its importance is easily understandable to the person who owns a website. SEO helps the website to appear on the top result of the search engine so that it can increase the traffic in your website and helps you to earn great profit from the internet. But there are many factors that help the SEO services to make your website appear on the top of search engine. One of the biggest factors that come into play is the design of your website. Web design SEO is a very important because website design should be kept in a SEO friendly manner so that search engine can easily understand your website content and promote it over the results.

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How web design help

Linking is also a very important technique that is use widely in web design. In linking, your webpage gets link with other web pages in order to increase the traffic on your website. Linking can be done by using a strong navigation structure, when making a structure make sure that you should not exceed your links more than 3 levels.

There is a misconception among the novice developers that much content they use in their website the more search engine promotes their website and helps them to gain traffic. But all this is wrong in fact use of excessive and high amount of content not brings or improves your traffic and ranking but it might reduce your rankings. This is because search engine can’t read too much content, or keywords etc that’s why use balance content, keyword as well as title tag is very important.

Keep that in mind that when you redirecting then make sure that you should not delete your old webpage’s. This is because when any visitor visit to your new page then they can’t access your page as error 404 will appear whenever they visit.

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