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Where To Put Home CCTV Cameras For The Best Results


Where To Put Home CCTV Cameras For The Best Results

Home security is one of the major issues that households have to deal with on a day to day basis. Even if things are going fine, they remain skeptical about the unexpected events like intrusions, robbery, and theft. It not only affects their routine life but also causes unnecessary mental problems.

If you’ve dealt with such issues in the past or know someone who has, then you’re advised to look for the solutions rather than focusing too much on the problem. One solution that you can look up to is CCTV cameras. They’ve been in existence for decades and saved tens of thousands of people from panicking at crucial moments. While trying to install home CCTV cameras for security purposes, here are the most recommended locations that you should focus on-Image result for Where To Put Home CCTV Cameras For The Best Results

Front Door

There’s no question about installing a CCTV camera right above the front door. It keeps you informed about who’s at the door and whether you should go ahead and open the door or not. Reports claim that 34% of burglars enter homes from the front door; therefore, it’s best to secure it before anything else.

Back Door

For those who have an emergency back door in their homes, almost 22% burglars break in via back door as they find them soft targets and vulnerable. So, if you’ve got a backdoor in your house, you should install a home CCTV camera there without any further delay.

Off-Street Windows

It would be unwise to think that burglars don’t know how proactive households have become. They know that front and back door are often guarded by the security camera; therefore, nowadays burglars try to break in from any rear window or place that’s not in direct view of the normal street. If you have an off street window that falls in this category, then install a CCTV camera around it in such a way that all the skeptical activities can be caught in a hassle-free manner.

These three are the most common targets of burglars and you can secure them by placing high-quality CCTV camera having night vision feature at the right spot. If you don’t know already you should use Alert Watch security cameras to avoid any type of security glitch at critical moments. Give them a shot and be free from all security concerns.

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